What is (or would be) helpful to know about my kids and their food allergies? Are there things that make you nervous when my children are around? Are you left feeling like you can’t provide hospitality to our family? What would be helpful for you to be more comfortable with our family and our family’s allergies?


Our daughter got an invitation to a birthday party from a friend at school today (perfect timing for this blog). This is terribly exciting! She told her uncle about 10 times tonight that she’s going to this friend’s party. We have gone to a few birthday parties since learning all our food allergies. It’s a little extra work for mom and dad, but still quite fun and do-able. I asked, while RSVP’ing, what food will be served so we can bring a matching alternative for our daughter. This friend’s mom graciously and promptly replied. Yes, cake is on the menu. And now you know the origins of this website name.


Actually, my sister came up with the name (for reasons described above). We plan to blog together on this site (once she settles after having a baby), add recipes, and other resources for our food restricted lives. Please be patient while we slowly grow the site. We will start with blogging (my husband got this part of the site up and running today) and then add other features as we are able.


To see previous blog posts (until we move them over to this site), please visit Walter’s Family Food Fight and Our Allergy Adventure.




Something I did not explain in my last post is that while my kids both have food allergies; they do not have the same food allergies. This means most nights we  make 2 versions of a meal. It also means when I pack lunches for Grandma’s house on Wednesdays, I label every single container with their initials.


So today I sent food with a sticker label (really scotch tape and sharpie) and soap with a verbal label. Go figure!


*We also have skin sensitivities.