Grandma and Grandpa took the family to Great Wolf Lodge for the kids’ birthday present. They had lots of fun and enjoyed their time. After fun in the water and arcade and hotel we even got to go to an actual restaurant and order actual food!

While we were still at the hotel it was becoming obvious that our son was reacting to the chlorine in the water. Our daughter too, to a lesser degree. Even mom was itchy a little bit. We showered after swimming and brought our own “safe” food from home for all meals (except lunch on our way home). We also anticipated a likely reaction to the water.

So, we returned home with the knowledge that we were going to be eating our ultra-strict (even more so than normal) “Detox” type diet to help clear up everyone’s skin as quickly as possible. This has led to my re-discovery of the versatility of yams!

I’ve made fried yam, yam chips, yam hash browns, yam pudding, improved yam pudding, and yam muffins all in the past 4 days. I’m glad we like yams (with the exception of our daughter who rejects yams but eats them just fine when I hide them). Boring fried yam fries led to yam fries with apples and pears added (yummy!) which led to improved yam pudding, which led to yam muffins! It’s been an exciting yam week so far!


Since my birthday, I have been a bit (a lot) obsessed with chocolate and finding a dessert that I like that can be as easy and as “go-to” as my favorite brownies.

Shortly after my birthday, I made a carrot cake, banana cream pie, and these cookie things. They were all awesome. But my complaints were as follows:

Carrot cake was awesome, but it did take quite a while to make, plus I over- whipped the eggs so my cake sank. It turned into carrot mush. But it was yummy.

The cookies were great. I made 2 batches with different flours ( sorghum for one and almond for the other) the almond one was the best, but I reacted as did the baby. Sad.

The banana cream pie was great (with coconut cream and dates as the “cream”).While all were good, none of them hit the spot (ya know- that brownie shaped hole). I started researching desserts, and found a recipe I wanted to try: brown butter salted blondies – this was the name, but after my adaptions, its more like maple-coconut salted blondies. But I found it. They were amaaaaazing.

Here  is that recipe if you are looking for something to fill that brownie shaped hole.