Our good friend found these marshmallows for us a couple months ago. They were an exciting treat, and reward for our potty training son. It was quite exciting to have this new treat.

20130907_123759Then a couple weeks ago we were at a BBQ with some friends from church. They offered a fire pit and supplies for S’mores. Knowing this ahead of time, we packed our special marshmallows. Our kids thought it was so incredible “cool” to roast marshmallows. They felt like we were the best parents ever for letting them have 2 plain marshmallows each.

This got us thinking, it was almost Labor Day weekend. My husband’s parents have a small fire pit. Last year we let our daughter roast banana on the fire because that was all we could do. So we decided to make an extra stop on our way to his parents just to buy some bags of marshmallows for everyone. We also bought safe chocolate and an almost safe graham cracker.

The kids reveled in their 3 marshmallows this time while mommy and daddy indulged with chocolate as well! Mmmm. They are quite tasty!

Here’s a picture of our safe marshmallows.



Heloooo my 3 readers! Hahaa. I stopped blogging once I was put on bed rest because I had a lot of resting to do :). Since my last post I delivered a healthy baby girl ( with an experience worth it’s own entire blog about *grumpy face*) and returned back to work. My 3yo is back in daycare and we’re on the same food calendar schedule as the daycare is. I’ve been a bit lazy and havent been keeping up in trying to make her food “match” her friends but I’m getting there. There seems to be even less time in the day to prepare meals when you have another kid to care for.

Gwen is doing well on her restrictions, she’s had a birthday since my last post and enjoyed her vegan, gluten free, soy free cake very much. We’ve attended other birthdays and I attempted to prepare her substitution “cake” for those and it went well also. She’s a little trooper about all of this. I have new pictures of her rash to post. (dont mind her messy room!) It seems to be clearing up still, so I hope that with continued efforts in keeping her diet clean, it will be gone sometime next year!


There are a few darker, raised red spots on her lower arm but it’s because she continues to pick at the rash as it scabs. I get so frustrated and tell her it’s making it worse but it’s become a habit now, I think.

My stomach has decided to start acting up lately. I went to my regular doctor and got an ultrasound of my entire abdomen and pelvis. They reported that everything looks normal. Well, that’s fantastic except for the fact that I don’t feel normal. I made an appointment for our Naturopath and will ask to do my food allergy blood test, if he agrees that is what is causing my pain and discomfort. It’s really frustrating getting older. My body is just reacting so differently to everything. Especially post-baby. I’m not losing weight as easily as I did with my first, exercising hurts worse and the soreness lasts longer than before, and now my guts just stopped accepting everything I chose to eat. I have a feeling I have an allergy that Gwen doesnt, since I stick pretty close to her diet and still am having issues.  My husband plans on getting his food allergy test done as well after mine. I’m also going to ask about the baby too. Just like my 3yo, she has major spit up that gets everywhere ALL the time no matter what we try. We’ve tried several different kinds of formula and nothing seemed to make any difference. Hopefully the doctor will have some suggestions for formula to buy or maybe make ourselves (because I have so much extra time for that…..)

This looks to be quite the life-long journey and is just beginning. Hopefully I can get more creative with quick and easy recipes to keep everyone happy. In the meantime, if you havent already, please check out my sisters’ and my website! Its growing and changing still so there should be plenty of interesting and new things on there all the time relating to all of this allergen craziness!