I know, it’s October and I’m finally writing about our summer vacation.

We hiked Bryce Canyon and Zion with some friends from Germany this summer. This was a wonderful trip. We had a great time! It did take some planning and creative thinking.

DSC_0493First, our family can’t wear sunscreen. Everything we’ve found on the market has corn and/or sunflower oil on it. When we skin tested early in the summer we realized the kids do react to to it in the sunscreen. Caleb likely does too, and how could I possible snuggle, dole out snacks and just be around the kids without transfering sunscreen from me to them? So we embarked on a mission to find wraps, scarves, long sleeves, long pants and skirts so that we could “wear” the kids and have all 4 of us covered. We did it with some help from friends!

Next, we had to plan our hot weather hiking. We can’t do the typical electrolyte replacement drinks. So I learned that for us, water, honey, raisins, oranges, salty nuts, and salty chips would do the same thing. So we packed all those types of things with us to snack on while hiking.

Finally, we had to eat meals while we were there! Before choosing an airport, we checked for Trader Joes and Whole Foods  Markets near by. We ended up flying through Las Vegas and stopped at both those stores on our way out of town. We got plenty of fruits, veggies, and some chips. We were then able to find plain chicken for evening meals with our friends.

We did it! We  had a great time and no one got exceptionally grumpy, rashy or sick!


I am so thankful for my husband’s support in this venture. I am glad he watches what he eats so that we can remain a peaceful, balanced family. I am thankful he is careful about what the kids eat so we can remain a peaceful, balanced family. I am thankful that he really shares the food shopping, preparing and cooking with me. This has been a monumental task and learning experience. I am so thankful he has been supportive throughout.

If you  are needing support or help, I strongly suggest you think about what specifically would help you, and then politely and boldly ask someone you trust for that help. It might make all the difference it getting over the hardest part(s) of modifying your diet!