We are having 2 separate family dinners this year. One on Thursday and one on Friday.  It is a potluck style at each, so every family unit contributes to the larger family dinner. Each family is very respectful and accommodating of our allergies (and has their own) so it’s somewhat fun to plan these meals.

I have been thinking about Thanksgiving “pre allergy” and have realized one more thing I am thankful for! I actually like the food at Thanksgiving now. I used to eat just 2-3 items, now I can fill my plate. I find this both pleasant and a little ironic. Who says we’re “restricted”?!

This weekend is full of shopping, prepping and then some final preparations that will take place Wednesday. I hope to post some recepies next week from our Thanksgiving menu, as well as give an update about the festivities.


Well, it’s not so much World Travel as to just one different region in the world. My husband and I recently went to Germany for a wedding and left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa. It was a fantastic trip and we learned a few things about food.

First, I planned all the kids’ meals for the week we were gone and stocked Grandma and Grandpa’s cupboards with all the necessary ingredients. They were well taken care of and did very well while we were gone. Also, I baked some cookies and packed a few snacks for the plane trip, knowing we wouldn’t be able to eat much of what was offered in flight.

I had decided as long as my husband and I avoided foods that would require we stay very near a restroom, and foods that are mood altering, that we’d just suffer any consequences for other allergens. Basically that meant we were avoiding just corn and dairy while on this trip. This was far easier than we’d ever imagined!

With the help of our friends, my own rudimentary German, and Google Translate we checked many food labels and there just isn’t corn (hidden or overt) in the food there! This leads to more questions about why we have so much here and what will need to happen to curb this unhealthy obsession we have with corn. The dairy was present, but almost always offered as something I could add myself, not already added to the food. This made the trip quite enjoyable and much easier than we’d thought.

I had sore joints for a week or so upon returning home (from all the wheat I consumed) and I had a mild stuffy nose and the occasional mild headache while there. The nose and headache could have been food related, or simply travel related. I’m not sure which. Given a little more time to plan, I’m sure I could have found my gluten free alternatives and been even more comfortable. We plan to return to Europe with the kids in a few years and I am greatly encouraged that eating safely will be much easier than while traveling within the U.S.