On the way to school this morning my daughter and I were talking about something (if I ever remember what started our conversation I’ll edit this post). She wanted to know if the “something” existed in Grandma’s land (meaning Oregon). I told her yes, that it was even in Germany while we were there.

20140120_111420-001She told me she wants to visit Germany some day. I told her we really hope to take her some day. She then said, “Oh, mom, we’ll need to bring our own food though.” I’m so proud of her for so casually remembering her needs and including that in her travel plans! It was expressed with the same amount of thought that  most people would use for something like, “Oh, we’ll need to wear cothes.” So proud!

Then I told her that the food in Germany is safe. When we visited, we learned that Germany doesn’t use “grumpy” ingredients in all their food and that it was safe for Daddy so it’s safe for her. She got so excited and said, “that means we can eat a cookie while we’re in Germany!” I told her yes.

Then I teared up. Partly with pride and partly with that type of anger that  makes you cry. Why the CRAP does our country still allow the food industry to poison our nation?! Why do so many Americans have to be SO careful when shopping and eating out? It was simple in Germany. We read everything still, but quickly realized it was just for peace of mind. The food was safe. I’ve been looking into England too, as we hope to go sometime in the next year, and it seems their food standards are similar to Germany’s. The European Union (EU) forbids many things the US uses.

I don’t know what the answer is for the US. I know there are movements out there making this more obvious for the general public and the law makers. I know families, like ours, are quietly taking care of themsleves and figuring out how to feed themselves. I also know I’m not a “movement” type person, certainly not a movement leader. I know I’m so proud of our daughter for already understanding and knowing how to work within her nations flawed food industry.

Okay, enough political type talk.