Not quite a year later, we found ourselves at my husband’s parent’s house for Memorial Day weekend. It had been quite awhile since we got the kids actual treats (our special treat place has changed an ingredient and is not longer “safe”). We thought to make s’mores again while visiting Grandpa and Grandma.

Our son has discovered chocolate. He has discovered that he loves chocolate (I feel another post emerging here). Unfortunately, chocolate is a high-ish nickel food so he cannot have much at one time at all. So it’s a rare treat for him. Our daughter announces every time she tries a new food that she doesn’t like, or any time someone talks about chocolate “I don’t like chocolate except for Nutella.”

So this time, my husband and I brought our “safe marshmallows” and some safe chocolate bars for our time around the fire. We left off the graham crackers since it really wasn’t much of a contribution last time, and our daughter was fighting a rash that they would have exacerbated.

Who knew marshmallows and chocolate could be so yummy together! ?(besides everybody)

Who knew marshmallows and chocolate could be so yummy together! ?(besides everybody)

The each got to roast 3 marshmallows! Our daughter ate them plain and was happy. And (proud mommy moment) she followed with picking some lettuce from the garden and eating that too!

Our son happily ate a plain one. Then we showed him marshmallows with chocolate. He was so excited! He said “nummy” many times and had a huge smile! The picture probably says it best. My husband, wise man that he is, managed to make the remaining 2 marshmallows and 2 small pieces of chocolate last through what seemed like 3 or 4 more morsels to our son.

Our son then requested to go inside to wash because he was sticky. “I sticky dada.” And (another proud mommy moment) he washed his hands and face and then insisted he brush his teeth! Then he came back outside for some more fun.


Making Tortillas

Making Tortillas

After a recent check up at the doctor, our family has embarked on a mission to find fish that all four of us like and will eat on a regular basis. The fish oil is good for brain health and for inflammation and for seasonal type allergies. Our son needs all these health benefits, but we haven’t found a fish oil (like in a bottle) that he can tolerate (either taste or rash). So we need to go to the source.

So far, we are just looking at fish and buying a few different types each week. My husband and I have never been fans of fish, so we don’t have a lot of information to start with. Thankfully my parents do enjoy fish, so we have tried a few types and have some general ideas.

We have tried Mahi Mahi fish sticks (homemade of course. Once we perfect it, I’ll post the recipe) and everyone really enjoys it. Our son has cried both times we’ve had this now; not because he’s eating it, but because he ate it all gone! He wants more! This is a keeper. We even got a Mahi Mahi bulk bag from Costco.

Author - Valter WeiWe have tried Salmon with a rub and then the same Salmon in salad. Mom and Dad like it, the kids do not. We might try a few other things with Salmon and see if it’s a keeper or not.

We also have tried fish tacos with Tilapia and the whole family decided it’s not a keeper. Mom is the only one who even tolerated it for a second day (just to use it up!).  Our son did eat more than one bit, but wasn’t sold. We will keep working on this idea though. Fish tacos sound really exciting and yummy to us. We’ll just have to find a better fish that we all enjoy.

Our next steps will be to try some more types of fish and to continue browsing Pinterest for interesting fish recipes. I am pleased that we found a hit and a possibility so quickly. Onward and upward to better health!




Our daughter got her first bee sting on Mother’s Day. We have been waiting for this day. My husband and I have been prescribed EpiPen’s for our reactions to bee stings. So we have kept Benadryl on hand “just in case” for everyone. Given other allergies, we have never been sure how the kids would react.

Arianne First Bee StingWe are pleased to announce that our daughter had a very “normal” reaction. She screamed, was able to tell us immediately that it was a bee sting and we picked up the kids to walk home from the park (praying the whole way that there wasn’t a life threatening reaction). She did so well! She cried and said it hurt but was able to converse about it the whole way home. She bravely endured the baking soda paste and got to watch a movie. The red area was gone by evening.

One kid reaction down, one to go (for now).




There is a new development in our continuing family allergy adventure. Our son has had some asthma type attacks since last August. We’ve been working closely with the doctor trying to track environment and symptoms while attempting to find treatment for the actual asthma type episodes. He has not really responded to natural or conventional treatments.

20140309_095059Then we had an unexpected and curious break through. I asked my mom to keep the kids at our own house for a day (rather than watching them at her house). I thought the kids could use the “down” time and even experience possibly fewer allergens. Grandpa has a dog and they have different trees and plants at their house, you know. My mom told me part way through the day that he was breaking out in a rash. I dismissed it thinking he’d eaten something and it was his typical nickel rash that she was talking about.

When I got home and saw him, I understood why my mom was letting me know he was breaking out. This was new and strange! It looked a lot like hives to me. He seemed mildly bothered by them. He didn’t scratch as long as he was occupied on other things.

Serendipitously, this was at our house! His most “controlled” and familiar environment.  I didn’t waste any time wondering and secretly blaming my mom’s house or dog or pine needles or dust or….I was able to start thinking right away of possible causes. All his foods had been normal and stable. I started noting and thinking of other symptoms. Of course, I alerted the doctor of this newest development too.

After a while I began to suspect, like myself, he was reacting to seasonal allergies (aka pollen).  I used to occasionally get hives too. So, the new question was how to treat this type of allergy. Is it something in our yard we can rip out? What if it’s in the neighbor’s yard? What if it’s too abundant to eliminate from our home environment? I mean, we do live in the Pacific Northwest! We have lots and lots of plants and trees and flowers.

The doctor asked us to try Benadryl for the hives. This was mostly to check that they were hives and it was a histamine response.  It also made for a very very grumpy boy the next day. Benadryl has all types of corn products swimming around in that pink syrup. Our family did not want this to be regular treatment. So we tried the homeopathic hay fever medicine that works well for my husband and I. It seemed to help.

This got us thinking even more. Every single symptom leading up to his asthma type attacks could be pollen allergy. The pieces were starting to fit together!  We now really think this is what causes his breathing issues. We have been able to control it with the homeopathic medicine and more recently with a supplement from the doctor. We’re finding the supplement works as a daily stabilizing factor. We now only use the homeopathic stuff when a symptom flares dramatically. I truly think we’ve recently avoided a breathing episode. He started to show symptoms. We tried these new treatments and they resolved.

I also found a website  www.pollen.com. It shows you the pollen levels in your area and offers a way to track your own symptoms. I’ve been tracking his symptoms with this and there seems to be a correlation.

Once again I’m amazed at all the tiny, seemingly unrelated, pieces God has place into our lives to make it all work out!