Our kids had a joint birthday party a couple weekends ago. It was a success! I’d like to share what we did for food, it was well received and easier t han we’ve done in the past.

backgroundWe had 2 types of cupcakes (this and this) and 2 types of cookies (these and these) for desert. (Our son wanted to have his birthday candles in a cookie rather than in a cupcake.) They each had a small piñata with candy even! I didn’t think they’d ever have actual candy in a piñata. Our friends introduced us to these and we can actually eat them. The kids were so excited! And their friends apprieciated them as well. They also had toys and stickers and fake tattoos in there.

For dinner we served chicken and chips that were safe for us. We also had sausages and hotdogs and broccoli salad for others. My husband made infused water and iced tea. It was a success!