After a recent check up at the doctor, our family has embarked on a mission to find fish that all four of us like and will eat on a regular basis. The fish oil is good for brain health and for inflammation and for seasonal type allergies. Our son needs all these health benefits, but we haven’t found a fish oil (like in a bottle) that he can tolerate (either taste or rash). So we need to go to the source.

So far, we are just looking at fish and buying a few different types each week. My husband and I have never been fans of fish, so we don’t have a lot of information to start with. Thankfully my parents do enjoy fish, so we have tried a few types and have some general ideas.

We have tried Mahi Mahi fish sticks (homemade of course. Once we perfect it, I’ll post the recipe) and every one really enjoys it. Our son has cried both times we’ve had this now; not because he’s eating it, but because he ate it all gone! He wants more! This is a keeper. We even got Mahi Mahi from Costco.

Author - Valter WeiWe have tried Salmon with a rub and then the same Salmon in salad. Mom and Dad like it, the kids do not. We might try a few other things with Salmon and see if it’s a keeper or not.

We also have tried fish tacos with Tilapia and the whole family decided it’s not a keeper. Mom is the only one who even tolerated it for a second day (just to use it up!).  Our son did eat more than one bit, but wasn’t sold. We will keep working on this idea though. Fish tacos sound really exciting and yummy to us. We’ll just have to find a better fish that we all enjoy.

Our next steps will be to try some more types of fish and to continue browsing Pinterest for interesting fish recipes. I am pleased that we found a hit and a possibility so quickly. Onward and upward to better health!