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Since my birthday, I have been a bit (a lot) obsessed with chocolate and finding a dessert that I like that can be as easy and as “go-to” as my favorite brownies.

Shortly after my birthday, I made a carrot cake, banana cream pie, and these cookie things. They were all awesome. But my complaints were as follows:

Carrot cake was awesome, but it did take quite a while to make, plus I over- whipped the eggs so my cake sank. It turned into carrot mush. But it was yummy.

The cookies were great. I made 2 batches with different flours ( sorghum for one and almond for the other) the almond one was the best, but I reacted as did the baby. Sad.

The banana cream pie was great (with coconut cream and dates as the “cream”).While all were good, none of them hit the spot (ya know- that brownie shaped hole). I started researching desserts, and found a recipe I wanted to try: brown butter salted blondies – this was the name, but after my adaptions, its more like maple-coconut salted blondies. But I found it. They were amaaaaazing.

Here  is that recipe if you are looking for something to fill that brownie shaped hole.



On Friday, I turned the magical number of 31. And, as it turns out, I also got to go grocery shopping for the week! Because it was my birthday, I thought I’d treat myself and buy my FAVORITE brownie mix. It has one no-no in it, but its the one that is the lowest on my list of allergies. (Potato flour)

Up until 2 months ago, I ate these brownies weekly. Sometimes more so! They are chocolaty, chewy and oh so good and full of sugar. :) But 2 months ago, I had my 3rd baby and she started life with reflux as I am exclusively nursing her. I gave it a few days, thinking maybe there is another reason since she’s so new, but on the 4th day of life her reflux was consistent with every feeding and I knew with out a doubt that it was something I was eating. We’ve been down this road so often in our family (my sisters and I and their kids) that I just immediately took out dairy, citrus, nuts.
It happened that I didn’t have those brownies at first, but when she was 2 weeks old, I tried them and shortly after eating half a pan, she barfed up 2 entire feedings. And I’m not exaggerating when I say it went EVERYWHERE. I didn’t put it together with the brownies yet (denial), so a week later, I had them again, though not as many, with the same result – Barf-o-rama.
So ffwd 2 months, to my birthday and I bake my brownies. I’m so excited I went overboard and ate 3. 6 hours later, my daughter is barfing everything up. I felt bad because i just wasted her 2nd dinner because of my selfish need for the treat. I prepared myself for a late night barf fest, but that didn’t come- Praise God!
What I didn’t prepare for, was my reaction. I had a stomach ache all night and woke up with cold-like symptoms. I actually had to blow my nose multiple times and my throat was sore. Again, I’ve been experiencing weird food reactions plus seeing them in my family, I knew it was the brownies.
My birthday present to myself this year? No more chocolate :( Now its time to find a new quick and easy go-to dessert. (which is probably a good thing since I need to make a dessert with out potato flour anyway- it seems to be in EVERY pre-made mix – either that or corn starch)
I’m ready to take your suggestions for my new favorite dessert! My younger sister suggested maple blondies… I’m working on a variation I can eat…..