First Bee Sting


Our daughter got her first bee sting on Mother’s Day. We have been waiting for this day. My husband and I have been prescribed EpiPen’s for our reactions to bee stings. So we have kept Benadryl on hand “just in case” for everyone. Given other allergies, we have never been sure how the kids would react.

Arianne First Bee StingWe are pleased to announce that our daughter had a very “normal” reaction. She screamed, was able to tell us immediately that it was a bee sting and we picked up the kids to walk home from the park (praying the whole way that there wasn’t a life threatening reaction). She did so well! She cried and said it hurt but was able to converse about it the whole way home. She bravely endured the baking soda paste and got to watch a movie. The red area was gone by evening.

One kid reaction down, one to go (for now).



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