S’mores (Advanced)


Not quite a year later, we found ourselves at my husband’s parent’s house for Memorial Day weekend. It had been quite awhile since we got the kids actual treats (our special treat place has changed an ingredient and is not longer “safe”). We thought to make s’mores again while visiting Grandpa and Grandma.

Our son has discovered chocolate. He has discovered that he loves chocolate (I feel another post emerging here). Unfortunately, chocolate is a high-ish nickel food so he cannot have much at one time at all. So it’s a rare treat for him. Our daughter announces every time she tries a new food that she doesn’t like, or any time someone talks about chocolate “I don’t like chocolate except for Nutella.”

So this time, my husband and I brought our “safe marshmallows” and some safe chocolate bars for our time around the fire. We left off the graham crackers since it really wasn’t much of a contribution last time, and our daughter was fighting a rash that they would have exacerbated.

Who knew marshmallows and chocolate could be so yummy together! ?(besides everybody)

Who knew marshmallows and chocolate could be so yummy together! ?(besides everybody)

The each got to roast 3 marshmallows! Our daughter ate them plain and was happy. And (proud mommy moment) she followed with picking some lettuce from the garden and eating that too!

Our son happily ate a plain one. Then we showed him marshmallows with chocolate. He was so excited! He said “nummy” many times and had a huge smile! The picture probably says it best. My husband, wise man that he is, managed to make the remaining 2 marshmallows and 2 small pieces of chocolate last through what seemed like 3 or 4 more morsels to our son.

Our son then requested to go inside to wash because he was sticky. “I sticky dada.” And (another proud mommy moment) he washed his hands and face and then insisted he brush his teeth! Then he came back outside for some more fun.


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