We Want To Help



My kids and I just hosted a play date today. It went well! One goal of the play date was to introduce some new foods to my daughter’s playmate. We thought that maybe seeing a peer eat something would encourage her to try it too. I think it worked! She eventually tried a couple things and we’ve shared some recipes and shopping tips.

This seems like a good time to post about our desire to be a helpful website and a helpful family. We feel like we’ve been liberated from food in such a profound way, we’d like to help others as they make their own journey. If our trials, shopping habits, Internet research, and experiences can be helpful to anyone we are so happy to share and help.

If you know us, and want to begin a journey like this, please let us know and we’ll happily help you connect to the right doctors, grocery stores, and information. If you don’t know us, reach out via this website and we can still share knowledge via comments or email.

*Sorry for the photo quality, my husband had the ‘real’ camera out at a job this morning so I had to use my cell phone.


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